The leather belt flooring is a bespoke product developed by TING. The processes and techniques involved have been perfected over a decade of production that has seen installations in a variety of premium environments.

TING’s luxury leather flooring re-works vintage leather belts to create a beautiful, glossy and hardwearing surface. Available by the square foot, the subtly patterned attractive material is also suitable for walls, table tops and feature areas, as well as floors.

Hand Craft
Each belt is hand selected to ensure a high grade of leather and durability; then the belts are stripped of their metals, hand cleaned and prepared for processing. The composition for each tile or panel is carefully created in-house to assure the correct pattern and colour balance for each installation.

Ting makes every effort to produce locally where possible. We have a highly skilled team in the UK for European distribution and in Los Angeles for US distribution.

Our standard tile sizes are :
12 x 12 inch ( 1 sq ft )
18 x 18 inch ( 2.25 sq ft )

Bespoke leather belt rugs and tiles are available upon request.

The weight of one square foot is 0.35 – 0.4 kilo’s.
The standard thickness of the finished element is 5 - 6 mm.

Commercial finishes are available upon request and please contact Ting for installation information.

Ting has gone to a great deal of effort to search out existing materials to create new products like your tiles. If one day in the very distant future you have no further use for your tiles, please do not discard them. Ting will be happy to take your tiles back and recycle them.

We can even recycle your used tiles into a new product for you!